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We all love a nice beautiful day for cooking outside, but sometimes Mother Nature just doesn’t want to give us what we want. For people who really have the grilling bug, nature may not stop you from enjoying food cooked over the fire. If you’re the type of person who sees rain and still says, “Yeah, I could still go for a burger!”, then you should heed these tips for grilling in inclement weather.

Don’t Grill Indoors

It must be said—don’t physically move any grilling indoors. While you can certainly get a good sear on foods indoors, you should never bring your outdoor equipment indoors. It’s simply not safe. If you’re that committed to cooking over fire, keep it outside.

Use an Umbrella

It may sound a bit silly, but there are actually umbrellas made just for the grill. Find a reputable model and put it to use on the next rainy day you’re hankering for grilled veggies. If all else fails, grab a friend or family member and put them on umbrella duty holding an umbrella over you while you cook!

Eliminate Impediments

Inclement weather like rain or snow can also mean that the area around your grill isn’t as safe as it could be. Consider placing an outdoor mat in front of the grill for better footing, and make sure you have a clear path from the house to the grill.

Dress Smartly

In normal weather, you’re likely rocking shorts and a t-shirt while you’re at the grill, but in bad weather, you may need to suit up. Make sure you avoid anything that dangles or can become a fire hazard—the last thing you want is your scarf to set ablaze!

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