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Pizza ovens can be a great thing to install if your family spends a lot of times outdoors. Of course, the same can be said to any family who likes their pizza. Most families in Louisville, CO have jumped on the pizza oven train and refuse to turn back.

There are many benefits that wood-fired pizza ovens can offer other than great taste.

Cook Quickly

Pizza is a meal that everyone can enjoy. It can already take a lot of time making pizzas from scratch. To cut down on the pizza-making process, wood-fired pizza ovens cook pizzas far quicker than a regular oven. This is because the average temperature of a pizza oven is between 500 and 700 degrees. Most regular ovens can only go up to 500 degrees, and even then, it takes longer to pre-heat the oven than to actually cook the pizza.

A pizza can be cooked in under five minutes with a pizza oven. This leaves a more enjoyable time with your family and less time waiting for the pizza to finish cooking.

clean wood-fired ovenBoosts Flavor

Wood-fired pizza tastes so much better than a regular pizza. The quick cooking time chars some of the edges, which makes for a perfectly crunchy slice every time. A pizza oven offers even heat distribution that you won’t get from your kitchen’s oven.


If you’re trying to transition to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, you should turn to a pizza oven. A wood-fired pizza oven runs on wood and doesn’t need electricity or gas to operate. Plus, pizza ovens can be used for more than just pizza. Try looking for recipes that can be cooked near an open flame at higher temperatures.

If you’re looking for a great pizza oven for your backyard, contact Hi-Tech Appliance and see what styles they have in store. 

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