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Getting More From Your Freezer With Non-Food Items

You likely already know how useful a freezer can be for many things. You may not be aware of what you can use it for besides food. Freezing some items can help to kill bacteria, and help others to last longer. You can get the most from residential refrigeration sales by making use of freezer hacks for non-food items.

Add Longevity to Beauty Products

Using the freezer to store beauty products can both help them last longer and work better. Placing facial creams in the freezer before using will obviously make them cold, which is great for your skin. This can get rid of puffiness in the morning. Mascara placed in the freezer or fridge will go on much smoother, helping to remove clumps. You can also use this trick to kill some bacteria from makeup sponges.

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Add Life to Household Items

You can store many things in your freezer to help them last longer. Candles are one of these items that do better when frozen. If you use a wax warmer, you can place used wax in the freezer to reuse later without losing the scent. Seeds can be stored over the winter in the freezer for use next growing season. Batteries also tend to last longer when cooled down before using.

Kill Bacteria and Remove Odors

Washing clothing over and over again can quickly wear them out. If you have a favorite outfit, you might find yourself washing it every week. Instead, try spot cleaning any stains. You can then freeze the clothing to kill some bacteria that may be lingering and causing odors. Your clothes will be clean without wearing down.

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