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What to Look For When Shopping for a New Refrigerator

Your refrigerator gets a lot of use. Meal prep, snack time, and cold drinks all prompt family members to open its door. People often don’t realize how important the appliance is until it breaks or begins to have issues. That is why buying a new one should be considered carefully.


The size you buy will depend on the needs of your family. Smaller sizes tend to cost less to run. However, if you need extra space, a larger one is a better option. Keeping your old refrigerator for additional cold storage will use more energy than necessary. When looking at size, you will also want to consider the space it will fit into. If you have custom cabinets made to fit a certain size, you will want to find similar measurements.


The size of the freezer will also be significant. If you need a lot of storage space for frozen items, a side by side model may be the best fit. If that is not necessary, a top mounted freezer is a good option. These use the least energy of all and have a beautiful traditional style, making them a good fit for any home.


Energy saving products are not just easy on the wallet; they are better for the environment. New appliances should have an energy star rating that will help you determine how much it will use. When shopping, you should always look for these efficient models to help reduce wasted energy.

Recycle Your Old Model

Even a refrigerator that is only ten years old is going to consume much more power than the technology in new models. You may be tempted to keep the old one or sell it. Instead, you should look for a place that will recycle it for you. You could even get some money back for doing this.

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