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The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Smokers

Outdoor cooking equipment sales in Brighton, CO brings to mind a tasty meal cooked on the grill. For many, a smoker is a perfect way to make dinner for the family. The size is able to hold a lot more meat than a traditional grill, and the method of cooking causes a perfect barbeque flavor. As simple as it sounds, when it comes time to choose which one to buy, the options can prove to be difficult.

Ease of Use

Those new to smoking meats may prefer lower maintenance involved during the process. For these people, an electric smoker provides the perfect solution. These models make setting the temperature easy, with some offering technology that allows the chef to change the settings directly from a mobile device.


Many who love smoked meat will agree that the flavors can change depending on the heating method. For a more traditional smokey flavor, the charcoal option will be the way to go. This cooks the barbeque flavors from the more natural heat into the meat while it cooks.


A charcoal smoker will take more time to set up than an electric one. The electric smokers will offer more tech options since the system relies on the settings for set up. Many newer models include touchscreen displays to make the process much easier


Avoiding Outdoor cooking equipment service isn’t always an easy task with electric models. Though many are built to last for many years to come, they will take proper maintenance to do so. There are more components involved in the process of making meat, giving charcoal smokers the upper hand in this category.

Choose The One You Prefer

Take the time to weigh your options to make the right decision for you. The best smoker to purchase will be the one that meets your specific needs.

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