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How to Roast Your Thanksgiving Turkey Without Using the Oven

When the day comes around for family to gather, leaving you to prep the meal, there is a lot of preparing to do. With so many delicious foods to make for Thanksgiving, you may want to reserve your oven for the side dishes and desserts. This year you can do that by trying one of these ways to make the perfect turkey.

On the Grill

Grill sales in Denver, CO are still in season. For this recipe, you will need a large roasting pan. Preheat your grill. Next, place your turkey breast side up in the pan. Once the grill reaches the right temperature, place the pan inside. You will want to let your grill do the work, being sure not to open it too often to check the meat. You will know it is done when the internal thigh temperature has reached 180 degrees.

Benefits of Infrared Grills

In a Smoker

This recipe will take the most time, giving you a juicy and tasty dinner. You will want to prepare a thawed turkey more than 12 hours in advanced to achieve the best results. Rub the outside of the meat with vegetable oil and place it on the cooking rack in your smoker. With a thermometer inserted in the thigh, you will want to make sure the temperature reaches 180 degrees.

On a Wood Stove

This recipe for those who have taken advantage of wood stove sales, will heat your home for guests and prepare the main course all in one. Using a turkey roaster, you will place the turkey on the preheated stove, tenting with aluminum foil. Add firewood as needed to keep the temperature around 600 degrees internally. It will take five to six hours, or until a meat thermometer shows the correct temperature. If it begins to get too warm, you can open a window to let in some cooler air.

Make Sure the Internal Thigh Temperature Reaches 180 Degrees

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