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Firewood Storage Plans

Whether you have a wood fireplace, wood burning stove or pizza oven, you need to know how much firewood you need and the best means of storing it.

Determining How Much Wood is Required

The amount of wood needed will depend on the size of the stove, the size of your home and the amount of insulation in your home. On average, a 5-kW stove used in the evening and on weekends during the cooler season of October to April is going to require about 3-4 cubic meters of wood.

Knowing How to Store the Firewood

The best thing you can do is to store your firewood by your home to make it easier to transport the wood. You also want to make sure it is somewhere that a delivery vehicle can easily access to put the logs into position for you.

The storage space needs to be dry to prevent the elements from affecting the logs. Stack the wood off the ground to prevent dampness from penetrating the pile. Pallets are ideal for stacking logs. Ensure all sides of the storage have slats to allow maximum airflow to the logs. Stacking the logs neatly will help provide proper airflow.

Firewood Storage

Your storage space needs a solid roof as well. Avoid putting a sheet over your firewood as that hinders airflow. It could also cause the wood to sweat during the summer months, thus fostering mold growth.

When looking at proper log storage, you need to make sure there is plenty of air circulating through the logs. Add as many gaps as possible to promote airflow.

Seasoning Logs

It takes about two-years to season logs, depending on the species. Denser species, like oak and apple, can take as long as three-years to dry, even when you cut the firewood into smaller log lengths and split them. Ash could season in about 6-12 months. Some softwoods are even quicker than that.

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