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What is a Wood-Fired Oven?

This unique oven uses wood to cook the food. It is made from bricks, clay, stone, concrete, cob or ceramics. The unit has a floor made from fire bricks that is designed for making pizzas. Depending on the temperature of the oven, you can also use it to cook other foods.

Types of Wood Ovens

You can choose from either a white oven or a black oven.

Types of Wood Ovens

Black Ovens

With a black oven, burning wood is used to heat the chamber. The food stays in the same place while the fire cooks it. You can also cook the food in the heated room once the coals and fire are swept out.

White OvensTypes of Wood Ovens

White ovens create heat from a flue-gas path and combustion room. Because of this, the oven doesn’t get a bunch of ash in it. A traditional wood-fired unit is made from cob, adobe or cast iron.

Wood Oven Designs

There are two designs, the dome-style oven or barrel-vault oven. Choose the one for your home based on cost, aesthetic appeal and what food you want to cook.

Barrel Vault Ovens (Alan Scott ovens)

These ovens are larger and allow ample room for cooking bread. However, the cooking area isn’t always even.

Dome Style Ovens (Italian Pompeii Ovens)

These ovens have a dome shape that forms an igloo of sorts.

Acquiring a wood-fired oven is a smart addition to your cooking appliances. Rely on Hi-Tech Appliance when hiring a contractor to build a high-quality wood oven in Denver. Contact us to see how we can help.

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