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Organizing and Cleaning the Refrigerator

For cleaning many appliances, there is a standard set of rules and tricks you might use. The refrigerator, however, is not such an easy task. This is especially true when it comes to organization. No matter how hard one might try, this appliance tends to become cluttered. Luckily, we have some tips to help make organization a little easier for you.


Buying some bins at a local dollar store is both a cheap and effective tool for organizing. You should try to use square baskets and containers if you want to be able to maximize the space. Using all different sizes, you’ll have one to fit in every nook and cranny, including the door. You can make things even easier by adding a little chalkboard paint to each bin and labeling them. When you move things around, you can easily change the labels.

Adjust Shelves

Meats are just one of the messiest items in a refrigerator. Items like this could leave a spill that rains down to the rest of the shelves. Adjust the height of each shelf to fit the messiest items on the bottom. Each time you clean out the appliance, you can readjust the shelves as necessary. You can also adjust the shelves on the door to fit the most used item where they are easy to reach.

Line The Refrigerator with Mats

Another cheap and effective dollar store buy you can use for cleaning is plastic mats. These mats can be cut to fit in the space you want. When the time comes to clean, just pull these out and wash them instead of scrubbing down the shelves.

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