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Cooking the Holiday Ham on a Grill

You’ve probably made the most out of grill sales during the summer months. The cold air can make you miss the smell of barbeque in the air. Fear not, because the holidays make for a perfect time to light the grill up to prepare the dinner. Think about it. Your oven will be full and your home warm with foods baking and lots of people around. Why not take a break and head outdoors?

Prepare Indoors

Before stepping out into a custom outdoor kitchen, make what you need to indoors. Thaw the meat and make yourself a dry rub with all of your favorite spices. Brown sugar and cloves make a tasty combination with a winter flavor perfect for the occasion. Gather any other supplies you may need such as butter and your grill tools.

Get the Grill Ready

If you haven’t used your grill for a while, you will want to do some maintenance before lighting it up. Wipe away any leaves or dirt that has blown off and could be hazardous when mixed with the flames. Get your entire area cleaned, so you have room to put your supplies nearby. You will want to make sure you have propane or charcoal, whichever fuel you’ll need. Have extra handy, so you don’t have to run out in the middle of cooking. The last preparation you’ll need to do is preheat.

Barbeque the Meat

With everything ready to go, the only thing left is cooking the meal. Place the ham on a baking sheet. Cook the ham for two hours, wrapping the bone in aluminum foil. Adjust the time based on the size of your ham. Once this is done, you can add your butter. Rub your spices on top. Cook for an additional half an hour, pouring the seasoning mix over the ham every ten minutes.

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