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If you have a fireplace, you can’t leave the mantel empty. The mantel can be the perfect place for plants, photos, and art. The design possibilities are truly endless. You can always mix and match to switch up the theme of your fireplace so it never looks out of style. These are just a few of the ideas that you can use when decorating your fireplace mantel.

Treat the Mantel Like Furniture

The fireplace mantel in your Denver, CO home should be treated like a piece of furniture. It is essentially acting as a table to hold more of your belongings. You should consider the color, style, and shape before decorating.

Start with the taller items in the back and work your way forward by layering smaller items in front. You can also lean larger frames, art or mirrors against the wall. This makes the mantel look and feel more relaxed than if everything were standing up.

Fireplace MantelChange Decor With the Season

Don’t keep your mantel the same the whole year. Try changing the art, photos and colors to relate to the season. For fall, try more neutral tones mixed with vibrant oranges and reds.

Wood fireplace sales are always happening in Denver, CO because they’re a classic look and feel for any room. For winter, go all out by hanging stockings and adding other holiday decorations to the mantel.

Group Similar Object Together

Having an odd number of the same item looks better than having an even amount. Try to group similar items together on your mantel in groups of three or five than having them grouped in pairs.

Do try to make the display feel more open. Having too many objects grouped together can make the mantel feel cluttered. This can defeat the purpose of a mantelpiece as some of the items can get lost.

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