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Keep Your Firepit Healthy with Outdoor Accessories

When it comes to your firepit, you want to make sure it is a comfortable place to gather no matter the season. Whether it has been built by custom built-in appliance experts, or someone else, you want to make sure it keeps everyone safe, too. With the right tools, you can make sure that happens. We’ve gathered some of the best choices to have to maintain your outdoor space.


If your fire pit is not protected from the elements, a cover will help you. These options are often relatively inexpensive, with an important job to do. The right cover will mean that you can head out and start a fire at almost any time, even after a storm. For those with a wood-burning pit, this option is a must-have.

Sunken Fire Pits

Cooking Set

Smores will always be a family favorite snack. Some good marshmallow roasting rods may not increase the life of the fire. However, they certainly increase the smiles. A hot dog roaster and pie iron will keep your family full while you sit around and enjoy a cozy night in the backyard.

Spark Screen

Some firepits will come equipped with a spark screen to help keep your family from getting burned. These screens are easy to use and give parents and others all the reassurance that the family is safe from flying embers that a fire may cause.

Fire Stones

Heat resistant stones are a must-have when it comes to outdoor firepit sales in Boulder, CO. Not only do these stones keep the ground safe, but they also keep your family and firepit safe from exposure. Not having the correct stones could cause problems down the road with the life of your fire pit.

For more information about firepit accessories, visit our website to learn how our experts install and maintain firepits all over the Denver metro area. 

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