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Who doesn’t want to have a wood-burning fireplace in their home? The scent of firewood is enough for anyone to want a wood fireplace. Despite the aroma and nostalgic feeling, wood-burning fireplaces do still have their flaws.


The feeling you get sitting in front of a wood-burning fireplace is second-to-none. The crackling logs and the smell of firewood is something most homeowners in Arvada, CO can only dream of. This reason is why wood fireplace sales in Arvada, CO have been consistent for as long as they’ve been around for.

Just like a gas-burning fireplace, you’re still able to use wood fireplaces when the power goes out. Since wood fireplaces will act almost like a campfire at that point, you can still stay warm, be able to see, and can even cook food if you need too.

increase fireplace efficiencyCons

Owning a wood-burning fireplace still has negative aspects of it. For the most part, it’s time-consuming having to chop your own firewood. On top of that, having a spot to store it so it can dry out means more money you’ll have to take out of your pocket to build a shed. If you plan on buying wood, that’s an extra expense to add to your monthly bills.

A wood fireplace can be extremely unsafe if left unattended. Always make sure that the fire is completely out before you leave the room. They’re also not efficient, but they will still be able to heat your home.

Lastly, the maintenance of a wood-burning fireplace is tedious. Annual maintenance must be completed or your house insurance can be affected. An inspection needs to be done on your fireplace every year to make sure it’s up to code on all safety standards.

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