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When your washing machine and dryer don’t work the way they should, it’s time for a residential laundry service and repair. Chances are that your appliance can be repaired instead of replaced, saving you money and hassle. 

Residential Laundry Service

Having a repair person visit your home to fix your washer or dryer is far more convenient and cost-effective than buying and installing a new machine. But if you leave a problem too long, it could get to the point where it’s no longer fixable. Here are some problems to watch for. If you notice these things happening, call us for a residential laundry service repair. 

Chances are that your appliance can be repaired instead of replaced, saving you money and hassle.

Common Problems With Washers

Some of the common problems with washers include:

  • The machine is bouncing around. This could be from an imbalanced load, or it could be a larger problem. 
  • Clothes getting ripped. If you notice this happening, it’s definitely time to call in a service person. 
  • Improper draining. This is a sign that something is clogging up the pipes. You should have this problem looked at before the washer stops draining altogether. 
  • The machine won’t spin. This is another problem that requires a service person immediately. A washer that doesn’t spin won’t properly clean your clothes. 
  • Smells. Smells are another problem that can be dealt with by a visit from a service person. But first, try running a cleaning cycle without any clothes to see if that helps. 

Common Problems With Dryers

  • Strange noises and vibrations. Your dryer shouldn’t make strange noises. If it does, call for a repair person to visit. 
  • Doesn’t heat up. If the dryer spins but doesn’t heat up, no matter what setting it’s on, the problem could be a faulty thermal fuse. In this case, the dryer needs servicing. 
  • The dryer runs then shuts off. If the dryer is regularly turning off before the cycle is done, that’s a sure sign of a problem. Stop using the dryer and call for a service visit. 

Need an appliance repaired? Give us a call at Hi-Tech Appliance. We’re the repair specialists. We have experienced and knowledgeable service and repair people ready to help you.

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