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What to Look for in Hiring a Fireplace or Appliance Repair Company in Erie, Colorado

While most quests for a fireplace or appliance repair company in Erie, Colorado starts with an online engine search, it isn’t always a guarantee that any business with an online presence will meet your needs. In other words, choosing a fireplace or appliance repair company goes beyond simple instincts. It would be best if you scored experienced professionals who will take the least time possible to clean and repair any indoor fireplace, without spilling debris all over.

Reliable repairers will likely use professional-grade tools that will make sure you aren’t having to do the next repair for a long time. Moreover, most modern appliances come with warranties that require only professional disassembling during repairs.  Therefore, before doing a full fireplace or appliance repair, how do you go about hiring the right guy for the job? Well, here are essential factors you need to consider:

Get Direct Referrals

Getting direct referrals will point you to a professional company for fireplace replacement, with previous work to showcase. Getting a reliable company to clean and readjust the burner for proper combustion will leave you with the coziest fireplace ever. Such a setting is romantic for a young family and eco-friendly for heating, hence reducing energy costs. It is important to understand that no other place in a home can provide a warm, comfortable place for the whole family to bond like a properly functioning fireplace. Direct referrals can come from either family or close friends.

Benefits of Veneer StoneHow Long the Company Has Been in Existence

Did the company provide its services in the local region from as early as your childhood days? How many years does its inception date back? How many customers have they served within that period? A company that has existed for years, say two decades, is obviously better than one which was incorporated at the beginning of the year. Technicians from the former company aren’t only experienced, but also signals an admirable reputation. A highly reputable company will save you from untimely repairs and poor customer service, as they have a name to protect and permanent clients to keep happy.

Diverse Services

Does the company only specialize in repairs alone? What about the installation of new appliances or fireplace? Do they offer sweeping services too? In other words, it will help if you land a company that offers diversified services under one roof. For instance, if its appliance repair services you’re looking for, it would be best to hire a company that stocks the kind of products needed for the job, such as capacitors. Moreover, if the company has special access to the appliance manufacturer or brand, then it is the right one for the job. This will save you time and money spent on importing appliance parts.

Type of Inspection

Before any meaningful repair work can commence, the technicians must inspect the fireplace to establish the reported complaints or any mishap that you might have failed to notice. So, how is your new repairer planning to inspect the fireplace? Well, we recommend someone who leverages camera technology instead of a mere spotlight inspection. Moreover, the personnel should have tools that comply with various inspection guidelines, which may differ from one state to another.

The company should be able to generate a detailed inspection report that has notes accompanied by pictures. This should include any structural and safety measures that should be enhanced for the longevity of the fireplace. Moreover, it would be best if you insisted on a computer-generated report for evidence, clarity, and conciseness.

Keep Your Family’s Safety in Mind

Interesting Fireplace Mantel Ideas

A fireplace will make your living room cozy, elegant and interesting.

Inspection, cleaning, and fireplace or appliance repair should only attract certified professionals to avoid future accidents. If you are dealing with freelance technicians, make sure a reputable and certified company backs them. Certification will ensure that anyone working on the fireplace or appliance is dedicated to its success. It is important to note that accredited companies will be more than ready to showcase their portfolio, unlike “quick fixes”. Moreover, it is important to understand that quality service is inexpensive in the long run, as it will save you from unnecessary repairs and new purchases for a long time.

Identification policy

Depending on your repair needs and scope of work, the number of technicians needed may vary. Nevertheless, it will help if you can identify all of them positively when they come to your compound. We recommend going for a company with stringent identification policies that require technicians to have their badges on at all times. While you can politely tell the technicians to wear their identification tags, it will help if the directive is part of the job description. That way, you can always keep tabs on who exactly was at which spot of the house at a particular time. In case something gets lost, the company can also know where to start with the recovery process.


Appliance and fireplace malfunction can happen at any time of the day or night. There are some seasons when you can hardly survive in a house with no fireplace, like winter. Therefore, it would help if you hire a company that is around your region, for a quicker and prompt response in any case of an emergency. Technicians will enjoy the convenience of getting to you as well, while you also save money that would otherwise be paid out for transport allowances. Remember, sometimes you need a technician to run a service off the books, meaning the company won’t pay for his allowances. Moreover, having a service provider within proximity will ensure timely inspections and follow-ups.

Are there unresolved complaints?

While many companies would be ready to go to any extent to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of addressing complaints, some simply choose to ignore them. Various reasons can prompt a service provider to ignore complaints, including the inability to solve the hitch at hand. The last thing that you want is someone who will disassemble your appliance and leave it in a worse state than they found it. Unsolved complaints also mean that the company’s customer support department isn’t dedicated to client service. Therefore, unresolved complaints is a red flag as such a company will hardly match your expectations.

Check online reviews

As mentioned earlier, any successful fireplace or appliance repair mainly depends on who you hire. The internet can help you settle for the best, especially by reading company reviews. Positive reviews should be treated like personal recommendations, since they can be trusted. However, some companies pay for generic reviews, which can be easy to spot from afar. Such companies shouldn’t be trusted at all costs. Besides the companies’ websites, reviews can be accessed on online community forums too.

Additional inspection and examination

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Gas fireplaces are a stylish and cost-effective fireplace option.

Winter is fast approaching, and it would help if you get a company that does a full inspection and examination of fireplaces and appliances in your home. However, that will only be possible if the company of your choice is conversant with the inspection and examination guidelines of fireplace repair or fireplace replacement in Erie, Colorado. That way, you can budget once for everything that needs repair, which is cost-friendly in the long run, compared to individual maintenance.

The above factors will see you landing the best appliance and fireplace repair service provider in Erie, Colorado. All you need to do is ensure that visitors to your home have valid business liability insurance for your property’s safety. If you have second thoughts about insurance validity, it is advisable to check out with the insurance carrier itself. Unscrupulous service providers may even go to the extent of processing false certificates and out-of-date insurance just to buy your trust.

It is also important to note that some appliances require manufacturer’s intervention only, and in such instances, an outside technician will not help much. Such information is normally available in manual guides for every appliance.

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