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Fireplaces add a warm, comforting vibe to any room. They look elegant and sophisticated, which only improves a home’s overall appeal. However, these installations are regularly exposed to adverse conditions like fire, soot, smoke, and debris from fuel, which can take a toll on their appearance. You need fireplace repair services to maintain or restore the fixture’s appearance. 

Common Fireplace Issues

 Most fireplace issues are easy to identify and resolve. You need to hire a professional with the right experience and training for the repair. Here’s a look at some of the most common issues noticed by Hi-Tech Appliances:

  • What is a Wood-Burning Fireplace

    A fireplace will make your time at home, memorable moments.

    Creosote Build-Up –Every time you burn wood in the fireplace, it creates soot and smoke. When smoke cools down and condenses, it forms a byproduct called creosote. This compound can build up on chimney and fireplace walls, becoming a significant fire hazard.

  • Compromised Structural Integrity – Things like cracked bricks or a compromised chimney increase fire risks. However, they’re a common problem as the fireplace is exposed to a lot of heat.
  • Pilot Light Issues – Pilot light problems occur in gas fireplaces. If the pilot light goes out, the gas fireplace won’t work.
  • Damper – The damper keeps your fireplace closed and ensures heat doesn’t escape through the chimney. People must use this fixture when the fire is no longer lit, and the house is comfortably warm. If the damper is damaged or stuck, it can cause a lot of problems. You can’t use the fireplace without repairing the issue.

Call professional fireplace repair services if you notice these problems. Experts will scrutinize the installation to determine what’s wrong with it before recommending solutions.

Signs of Wear

 Fireplaces have a limited lifespan and will start showing signs of use in around 5-10 years. With proper maintenance, you can reduce the damage and make sure the fixture is in good shape. The signs of wear include:

  • Blackened or burned interiors
  • Soot and creosote build-up
  • Cracked bricks and crumbling mortar
  • Visible dampness and signs of moisture
  • Inconsistent performance from gas fireplaces (the appliance keeps shutting off after lighting)
  • Inconsistent heating from gas fireplaces 

Call Hi-Tech Appliances if you notice any issues with the fireplace or wish to restore it. A properly functional fixture will provide ample warmth during winter and add a touch of elegance to any room.

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