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Outdoor Kitchen Updates to Make Before Spring

Spring is the perfect time to add features to your outdoor kitchen. However, winter also proves a good time for certain updates. Making them before the spring will make them available to use as soon as the warm air creeps in.


Early on in spring, you will likely want to be outdoors. The nights will still be cold, leaving you less time to use your custom outdoor kitchen. Adding a fireplace now will mean it is available for you to use as soon as the days start to turn cold. This extends your time outside, especially in the early spring. Outdoor firepit sales also make a great centerpiece for your outdoor space.

Grills and Smokers

Outdoor cooking equipment is easier to use in early spring if it is already installed. By purchasing these items now, you can be sure that you will have any custom options in time for you to use them. If they are ready early, you will even be able to start using these in the winter for grilled and smoked foods that will beat the cold air. Often, these items are on sale during the off-season, making them more affordable.

Start Building A Pizza Oven

Wood fired pizza ovens are good for making more than just pizzas. Though these ovens aren’t necessary for an outdoor kitchen, they are an incredible feature. You can start having yours built now to ensure it is ready for the spring. This will give you plenty of time to look up recipes so you can start cooking as soon as your pizza oven is ready.

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