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Choosing the Perfect Grill for A Small Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are wonderful no matter how small. Smaller sizes can be more difficult to design for the homeowner since some options may have to be forfeited due to size. When it comes to grills, some of the options will give the owner the best of both worlds. Some choices keep a person from having to pick and choose from all of the favorites in outdoor cooking equipment sales. 

Grill Smoker Combo

Some grills have a smoker built in. These are often charcoal, although there are a few other options. These give the user the best of both a smoker and grill, providing more than just the average menu for outdoor cooking. Since these are the same size as a normal grill, there is no need to decide between the two. You can fit this option on virtually every patio, even the smallest ones. These are even a great choice for apartment dwellers who are allowed to keep a grill outside.

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Charcoal Gas Grills

This option tends to run a bit larger, with two side by side grills built side by side. They also have a higher price tag. The bonus to these grills is not having to choose between which heating method you want for your food. If you love the barbeque flavor, you can easily choose the charcoal side. If you are in a bit of a rush, go for the gas side. Since these are built together, they do take up less room than having two grills.

Grills With Built-in Burners

Outdoor burners can be built into a countertop or be sold built into the grill. The latter option helps to save on space. These grills are also more affordable than other options. These make a good option for small custom outdoor kitchens.  You’ll be able to cook a pot of pasta on the burner while you grill the meat and vegetables.

For all of the grill options you could ever dream of, stop by the showroom at Hi-Tech Appliance. We service the Denver metro area and beyond with our quality custom kitchens. 

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