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Every homeowner will have very specific needs when it comes to what they want in their kitchen. Therefore, while it’s good to follow latest market trends, it’s also very important to focus on aspects such as functionality, durability, practicality, and comfort.

The Kitchen Triangle Design Concept

The kitchen triangle is a basic kitchen design guideline that helps plan efficient workspaces with clear movement lanes. The cooktop, sink, and refrigerator are the three elements of this triangle. There are some guidelines on the distance that needs to be maintained between each leg of this triangle. It should measure between 4 & 9 feet as it allows a person to reach their cooking, food storage, and cleaning areas easily while providing sufficient movement space between the elements to avoid overcrowding.

It’s vital to remember that this work triangle guideline is not a rule of law. It was created at a time when kitchens were smaller, utilitarian spaces, mostly used only for cooking. Today, these spaces are more versatile and larger. Many families have more than one cook, and are used for casual dining, work, and entertaining.

Choose the Right Kitchen Appliances

kitchen remodel outcome showing a pristine kitchen

So while you can keep the kitchen triangle in mind – when you are designing your kitchen, understand what its layout is, how you and your family use that space, and then plan things accordingly. Select kitchen appliances that will fit into this triangle without making the spaces seem overcrowded.

A well-appointed kitchen becomes an excellent investment because it offers you the convenience and functionality you need, while adding value to your home. High-end kitchen appliances are more energy-efficient and improve your overall cooking experience. They provide consistent performance, can last a long time, and have a consistent performance. Some things to consider when choosing appliances include:

  • Opting for energy-efficient stoves, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and dishwashers.
  • Look for programmable or smart appliances. Most major brands manufacture efficient and user-friendly, reliable appliances.
  • A well-designed kitchen is not just a pleasure to use, but energy-efficient and easy to maintain as well.

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